The opportunities for getting free advertising for your product or services are only limited by your imagination and energy. There are so many proven ways to promote without It’s truly mind-boggling!  Here are ten proven methods.

Write an article relating to your area of expertise and submit it to all the publications and media dealing in that range of interest.

Write shorter articles for the Internet and send them to broadcast houses free articles.

Print your product or service’s promotional ad on the front or back of your envelopes or other people’s envelopes.

Many new mail order publications offer low rates to first-time advertisers; a free-of-charge insertion for prepaid issues; or special seasonal ad space at reduced rates.

In addition, there are a number of publications that will give you Per Inquiry (PI) space – an arrangement where all orders come in to the publication — they take a commission from each order, forward to you for fulfilment, and send you a check for the balance.

This means, you submit your ad and the publication holds it until they have unsold space, and then at a savings of 33% or more, you can insert your ad.

They run your ad in their publication in exchange for you running a comparable size ad for them in yours.

Simply run a print or electronic ad offering a free report of interest to most people or to a particular target market .

Use these secrets to eclipse the majority of the people competing against you!

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