What is a rich person Mindset

One of the reasons that the rich will always win over the poor is because of their mindset. Your mind can either be your biggest weapon or your biggest enemy! Poor people believe in concepts like fairness and the school system. The rich believe that life isn’t fair and that the school system doesn’t make you rich.

So what exactly is a rich person’s mindset and how do the rich think differently than the poor?

No Vacations

Vacations are considered a waste of time for rich people because if they decide to take a vacation they will lose to someone who doesn’t. Now you might be thinking, but they travel all around the world. That is correct, but they always work at these places they just do less work than they normally would.

Poor people’s version of a vacation is relaxing by the pool, at the beach, or exploring the city. Rich people expand their network by getting to know important people who reside at the particular location they have traveled to. Their phone is never silent and they always respond to their emails.

According to vocabulary.com, poor people are people without possessions or wealth.

This is wrong in my opinion because you can be poor and still be rich. Being rich is not only about the amount of wealth they have, it is also about their mindset. For example, if you understand that rich people don’t take days off then you have a rich mindset.

The School System does not Produce Rich People

The school system is failing anyone that does not aspire to be an employee. Why do you think banks grant loans of huge amounts to people who want to go to university and not to people with business ideas? The reason they use to justify this is that they have a guarantee to recoup their money from an employee and not a business owner.

If the business succeeds the bank is likely to at least double its money correct? Wrong! Banks have a deal with schools to provide huge loans to broke people because the schools make money and the banks get a lifetime customer and make money. Most of the time people who financed their degree must keep their job in order to pay off their loans.

At the same time they either have to elect to pay interest and amortization fees at the same time or only pay interest. However, if you elect to only pay interest the loan never disappears because you are only paying to keep the loan.

The school takes a long time and only teaches you some of the necessary skills to become an entrepreneur. I went to school for 13 years and these are the skills that helped me become an entrepreneur:

  1. Learning to speak, read and write in three different languages
  2. Calculating percentages, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction
  3. Accounting skills and general business knowledge
  4. Learning how to speak confidently in front of others and how to make a good presentation
  5. Running a small business that was funded by the school
  6. Becoming a more goal-oriented and efficient worker

Do you think that this is a fair exchange for 13 years of my life?

I personally think that all these skills could be taught to students in 7 years. The school system deliberately wants to waste as much of your time as possible to make you believe certain statements like money doesn’t make you happy and teaches you that it is unactable to make mistakes.

The majority of your examinations are memory based. You must memorize how to do certain mathematical calculations, certain paragraphs of a textbook, and how to be correct all the time.

Your performance is measured by grades in most school systems and you get a worse grade based on the number of mistakes you made. You are also not allowed to consult other people, because that is cheating and this causes you to fail the test.

In business, world cheating is called cooperation. The concept of cheating ruins your ability to solve certain problems when you are unable to consult others or look for the answer on the internet.

By consulting others or the internet you are able to encounter new information and different perspectives.

Failing is Good

Rich people don’t believe that failing is as bad as poor people do. The underlying reason for this is when you fail at accomplishing something you are actually moving closer to your goal. The next time you try accomplishing the same goal you will not make the same mistake.

Without failure, rich people would not have accomplished the things they were able to accomplish.

In order to get a rich mindset you need to accept that failures are good and that they get you closer to the position you want to reach.

In order to accept this fact you must change your thinking process that was most likely instilled by either school or your immediate family. Do you know one person who inspires you that did not fail at a particular time?

Start changing your mindset from a poor mindset to a rich mindset by asking yourself these questions:

Why am I scared of failure?

Who is where I want to be has succeeded without first failing?

When you have answered these two questions that many people are afraid of asking themselves, because in order to succeed you need to suffer first. Trust me by answering these questions you will suffer!

You learn by failure!


Rich people understand the power of momentum! That is why everyone who makes these stupid new years resolutions about getting into shape, but quitting after one week fails. In order to get in shape you need to train consistently for at least three months without quitting.

Andrew Tate said, “The person who goes to the gym every day regardless of how they feel will always beat the person who goes to the gym when they feel like going to the gym”.

The same applies to starting to make significant money. You can’t just create a new business idea every week and not try your hardest for at least 3 months. How do you know if your business is going to fail if you quit after one week?

Momentum is what separates rich people from broke people. They work every single day no matter what. Even if they are sick they work 3–5 hours and poor people take days off.

What you need to do is create habits and habits are formed after 66 days. There are 365 days in a year and you can’t dedicate 66 days to start making money before quitting. How will you ever amount to everything?

Stay focused and do certain things consistently!


Rich people talk to themselves all the time and that might be called weird, but it is a fundamental part of their success. The brain believes everything you tell it and therefore it can either be your biggest strength or your biggest weakness.

An affirmation is usually a sentence, a sentence of powerful words put together, like a positive statement, and this sentence is aimed to tap into your conscious and unconscious mind to motivate you, to challenge you, and to push you to reach your full potential in life.

Rich people use these affirmations to make their brains believe that they already have achieved certain things and this enables them to have a higher degree of confidence in themselves.

The power of positive thinking with affirmations has been scientifically proven and they have the ability to enable you to solely focus on conquering certain goals. Affirmations also give you the ability to change certain negative patterns when it comes to your thinking process and replace these patterns with positive reinforcements instead.

Affirmations change your entire belief system!


This post has highlighted some of the most important factors behind poor and rich mindsets as well as highlighting the importance of affirmations, knowledge about the school system, and important success factors.

Now you know how rich people think differently from the poor and have a better understanding of what a rich person’s mindset is!

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