Many stock market investors often have trouble selecting the stocks that they want to purchase. Often this is caused by a lack of knowledge on how to analyze charts and failure to learn the purchasing signals to look for.

So which are the best stocks to buy today?

Which are the best Stocks to Buy Today


Despite the economic tensions and the highest inflation rate since 1982 Apple Pay is booming. The demand for Apple Products is also extreme at this current moment in time.

The shares of Apple have gone down 20% during this year and that is largely due to increasing delays in shipping products such as the Macbook pro. Shortages of material have also not aided in the situation bettering itself.

Despite all this, the company still generates massive cash flow and that enables them to pay their shareholders larger dividends and finance the repurchasing of shares. Not so long ago $28 billion was returned to investors via dividends and repurchasing of shares from investors.

38 Analysts that were asked by Yahoo Finance to give their thoughts on acquiring shares in Apple 11 placed the company in the strong buy section, 21 placed the company in the buy section and 6 urged investors to hold onto their shares.

They predicted that the share price would lie at roughly $128 to $210 by this year’s end.


The backlash Elon Musk has received since purchasing Twitter has been a lot. During the process of acquiring Twitter, he was almost sued, because he wanted to get out of the deal after Twitter refused to share how many bot accounts existed on Twitter. In the end, many believe that Musk grossly overpaid for the company in the end. After firing nearly 3000 employees and receiving more backlash, he wanted to charge 8 dollars a month for verified users to be able to continue having their verified check next to their username. Musk reinstated controversial figures such as Andrew Tate and Donald Trump’s accounts. He has stated “This is a battle for the future of civilization. If free speech is lost even in America, tyranny is all that lies ahead.”

At the time of this article’s writing on December fourth, 2022 many believe that Twitter will not survive as a company due to several reasons. Reason number one is Apple’s apparent threat to remove the app from the App Store permanently. This has not been proven and it is only a claim. Elon Musk claims that Apple wants to remove Twitter from the App Store, because of the reinstatement of accounts such as Donald Trump and Andrew Tate. It is also speculated that Apple wants to pursue this course of action due to a change in the moderation policy instigated by Musk. Apple has always been transparent with the fact that a 30% commission on purchases of Apps and within them. Musk claims that this is in fact a secret tax and anyone who doesn’t comply with it cannot have their app published on the App Store. Due to this several companies such as Epic Games have sued Apple with suits claiming that this is anti-competitive behavior.

Advertisers who have previously been happy to display their Ads on Twitter have pulled the plug. The reason for this is pressure from Activist groups, because of Donald Trump’s account being reinstated. Apparently, 90% of the revenue generated by Twitter comes from Advertisers. 51 of the top 100 advertisers on Twitter have decided to stop serving their ads for the short-term future. 49 Advertisers have not done anything as of this moment. All this was Said by Angelo Carusone. He added to this when he said that the Stop Toxic Twitter coalition will be taking into consideration the public naming of the 49 companies who have not elected to stop advertising on Twitter if they do not issue a public statement.

In my opinion, this is the best time to be buying shares on Twitter. Elon Musk has been in similar positions before with Tesla and SpaceX. Back in 2015, he said he almost had to elect which of the two companies he would save. Back in 2008 the companies nearly went bankrupt. None of the products they were producing were selling and the cash in the bank was very low. Musk said “I could either pick SpaceX or Tesla or split the money I had left between them,” says Musk, founder of both companies. “That was a tough decision. If I split the money, maybe both of them would die. If I gave the money to just one company, the probability of it surviving was greater, but then it would mean certain death for the other company. I debated that over and over.”

Space X survived in the end, because of a contract from Nasa, Musk selling off some investments he had purchased. Tesla investors came to an agreement with the company to inject enough capital for it to survive. Both of the two companies are world leaders in their respective fields today and who would have thought this back in 2008 when the future looked very dim indeed?

This must be enough for you to comprehend that you should be purchasing as many shares as you can afford. When a person like Elon Musk was down and out previously don’t you think he will get back on his feet again?


Etsy is a similar brand to Shopify and it offers you the ability to create your own online store. However, the main difference is that the platform is mostly occupied by craftsmen and they support independent sellers. During the very peak of the lockdown, e-commerce was at an all-time high, because consumers had to resort to shopping online instead of in stores. It was during this time that Etsy really took off and it grew more than the other e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and Gumroad. During the pandemic, the volume of sales was up by a staggering 141%.

Etsy went head-to-head with Amazon without being crushed very few companies can say they accomplished that. Amazon tried to compete with Etsy by launching its handmade items platform and hoped this would stop Etsy’s rise to the very top. Despite this, users continued to shop on Etsy, but it is important to note that it is still a long way to go for Etsy as a brand.

Stocks plummeted heavily in recent times, because of fears over rising inflation and the war in Ukraine. Now would be the perfect time for investors to switch their focus to Etsy instead of Shopify.

Occidental Petroleum

Energy Prices are going up across Europe, because of the destruction of Nord Stream two by an unidentified party. Shares of the company are being sold above their moving average of 200 days. The shares are also just below the zone of purchasing after being just inside a while ago. It would seem the stock is heading for greater heights.

At this moment on December fourth, 2022 the oil market is in a right mess. President Biden and his closest allies have tried to make the sanctions on Venezuelan Oil-less severe to enable Chevron to make crude oil in Venezuela for half a year. This in turn would be exported to the United States to repair damages caused by Saudi Arabia cutting the supply of oil to the United States.

This has tarnished the relationship between the two nations after the reduction in oil production was announced. It is believed to be a ploy to boost prices by lessening the supply with the demand still being very high. When President Biden was interviewed he threatened consequences, but he did not develop further his comments. It has been reported that democrats from the United States told representatives from Saudi Arabia that if they were to follow through on this reduction it would force a 1-year freeze on the arms trade.

With the Us being forced to turn to Venezuela for the supply of oil it seems like Occidental Petroleum would be perfect to invest your money into right now. Who knows maybe the time period of making crude oil in Venezuela is extended if another better supplier cannot be found.

The price-performance is great and the earnings are also improving steadily. Eps rates Occidental Petroleum at 81 as of right now. In the recent quarter, the money earned increased by a whopping 180%.

Nearly two billion dollars has been returned to shareholders during Q3 and this was despite the production of oil is flat. Warren Buffet, who is one of the most successful stock market investors, increased Berkshire Hathaway’s stake by 20.9% and has hinted that the stake could be brought up to 25% according to documents filed by the SEC.

Alphabet Inc

Google is listed on the stock market as Alphabet Inc and is one of the most influential companies on planet earth. Unfortunately, it has still ended up in the middle of the selloff that is occurring in the stock market. Shares are down 33% and rampant fears of a recession and the interest rates being raised have caused the stock to plummet.

Google has a monopoly on the search engine market. This is banned by several antitrust laws, but Google has managed to get around this by utilizing a loophole. The loophole is that the search engine becomes better with the acquisition of more searches by users. This makes it extra difficult for competing engines such as Bing, Opera, and DuckDuckgo to overtake Google. Naturally, because of this 90% of the market is controlled by the company and this enables it to make huge profits from for example advertisers.

The margins of profit by Alphabet are very large and historical data displays that the margins have always been between 25% to 35%. The significance of this is huge because even as most businesses have struggled throughout the pandemic and most of 2022 Google has been just fine. Google Play, Youtube, and advertising income sustained the company.

The new Google Cloud platform could potentially take over the market. Even if the current structure is way behind Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web services it is growing at a rapid pace. The revenue from the Google Cloud Platform has risen by 38% in Q3.

One of Google’s largest income sources is Google Ads. Back in 2021, the company earned $209.45 billion from the platform. This is not surprising since it is the world’s leading advertising platform that is the best, because you can get in front of so many users via so many different methods.

This in turn causes other companies such as Meta and Twitter to not be able to compete with their advertising platforms. From personal experience, the support from Google Ads is also way better and you get detailed feedback on why your ad was suspended, couldn’t run, or any problems with it. Meta banned me from running ads and did not provide a reason for this. In July I requested a detailed examination and now in December I still haven’t heard back from Meta. Twitter ads are not reliable, because of the number of fake accounts roaming the platform. If they didn’t want to release the exact figure to Elon Musk during negotiations to purchase the company it must be pretty bad.

Recently Google has started repurchasing shares and tried to return more money to shareholders via dividends. They are currently happier returning this cash to the shareholders rather than keeping it for themselves or using it to expand other divisions or by branching out. During the last nine months, Google repurchased 433 million shares spending $43.9 billion of its capital to do this. The stock price was down $116 billion at the time and the company could potentially buy back more shares. This will help increase the earnings for each share.

Currently, a share of Google is worth less than the S&P 500. The S&P 500 trades at price to price earnings of 20.5 meanwhile Alphabet trades at 19.5. The earnings are estimated from future earnings predictions. The market is therefore indicating that Alphabet will make more money slower than the market itself. While it is extremely likely that Google will struggle when the recession hits, it will certainly bounce back.

Brookfield Asset Management

Brookfield Asset Management is a financial firm based in Canada that is not very known. They manage your assets and they are especially good at things like property, infrastructure, and energy that is renewable.

The company was one of the first developers and operators of infrastructure based in Brazil.

Over the last two decades, they have branched out into a worldwide asset manager with a sum of $500 billion of assets under their umbrella. Their properties are diversified into pipelines for gas, toll roads, centers where they store data, solar panel farms, dams that are controlled by hydraulics, and commercial real estate across the world.

The company has enough shares to make its voice heard throughout these companies:

Brookfield Property Partners

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners

Brookfield Renewable Partners

Brookfield Business Partners

They make most of their money in three ways. They invest their capital into different real assets. They assemble capital from accepted investors and invest for them. They are sort of the middleman and for performing this kind of work they get paid a small fee from the money they invest on their behalf. They founded and hold a large number of voting rights in them. They collect cash distributions, fees for management, and several fees based on performance.

The structure that they have gives them a great chance of growth. Their direct investments make good money and they also make the most from a tendency of rising institutional allocations into another category of assets.

20% of the company is owned by members and their priorities are aligned with the owners of the shares. They are not known, but their shares are priced at a good point right now.

It needs to be stated that the best-performing stocks in most people’s portfolios are not huge companies. Most of the time companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Paypal are overpriced due to demand. The highest gains that I made when my portfolio was plus 45.5% were from relatively small companies worldwide. It is not good to invest in the most known and popular companies.


Now that you have read this blog post you have some context on the hottest stocks right now. That question should pretty much be answered and you should be studying these stocks in-depth right now. Be sure to share this post and reach out to me via Twitter if you have any questions or suggestions for our next post.

Now that you have read this blog post you have some context on which are the best stocks to buy today? That question should pretty much be answered and you should be studying these stocks in-depth right now. Be sure to share this post and comment your thoughts down below.

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