Advertising is a crucial component of any successful business, and it’s essential to get it right if you want to stand out from the competition. Unfortunately, many companies make the mistake of focusing on themselves rather than their customers, leading to ineffective advertising that fails to engage or inspire. That’s where the advice of BIG Mike McDaniel comes in: benefits, benefits, benefits.

No matter what medium you use to advertise, the rules remain the same: highlight the benefits of your product or service. People don’t care about your business or your accomplishments – they care about what’s in it for them. So if you want to capture their attention and earn their business, you need to explain what you can do for them.

McDaniel warns against the trap of “bragging” in advertising. For example, touting your dealership as number one in the region for several years may seem impressive to you, but it doesn’t necessarily appeal to potential customers. Instead, focus on concrete examples of how you’ve helped others and what you can do for new customers.

Unfortunately, many advertisers fall into the trap of focusing on themselves rather than their customers. Whether it’s a giant mugshot of the car dealer on a billboard or a radio commercial that no one can understand, these ads are more about ego than benefit. But as McDaniel notes, ego may sell – but it’s not the best way to build a loyal customer base.

So what should you focus on instead? McDaniel advises getting specific about what’s inside your business and what you can do for your customers. Don’t just talk about having the largest selection or the latest styles and colors – tell potential customers that you can get what they need overnight, even if it’s not currently in stock. And rather than bragging about your experience, promise to show up on time, smell good, and get the job done right.

In short, if you want to create advertising that resonates with your target audience, it’s crucial to focus on benefits rather than bragging. By highlighting what you can do for your customers and how you’ve helped others in the past, you can build a strong brand reputation and earn loyal customers who will keep coming back for more.

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