Billboard advertising has long been recognized as a powerful tool for creating brand awareness and establishing a strong business presence. However, to truly maximize the impact of your billboards, it’s crucial to follow certain guidelines and strategies. In this article, we present nine essential tips that can help you create better billboards and achieve more effective advertising results.

Tips for better Billboards

  1. Buy a 50 showing and maintain consistency

Invest in a minimum of a 50 showing, ensuring that at least 50% of the population will see your billboard once a day. To maintain brand visibility, repeat this strategy every other month. Moreover, if your billboard remains unsold after the contract expires, it might be retained for free until replaced, giving you extended exposure.

  1. Opt for lighted locations

When selecting billboard locations, prioritize lighted sites. Illuminated billboards enhance visibility, particularly during evening hours, making your message stand out even in low-light conditions. This ensures that your advertisement remains captivating and easily readable, attracting more attention from passersby.

  1. Choose stand-alone billboards

If given a choice, opt for stand-alone billboards rather than stacked structures. Stand-alone billboards offer better visibility and eliminate the possibility of your message being overshadowed by other advertisements. By ensuring that your billboard captures maximum attention, you can effectively communicate your brand message to a wider audience.

  1. Take control of location selection

Don’t rely solely on the billboard salesperson to choose locations for your advertisements. Instead, conduct thorough research on the demographics, traffic patterns, and target audience of each potential location. This way, you can strategically position your billboards in areas where they will have the greatest impact, reaching your desired audience effectively.

  1. Embrace vinyl graphics and bleed the design

In today’s advertising landscape, vinyl graphics have become the preferred choice due to their vibrant colors, extended lifespan, and ability to display intricate details. Opt for vinyl graphics over traditional paper or paint billboards. To create a visually striking effect, bleed your graphic off the edge of the billboard, allowing it to wrap around the back. This technique makes your ad appear larger and more eye-catching.

  1. Keep the concept concise and captivating

When designing your billboard, ensure your message is short, clever, and impactful. Offer a solution to the audience’s problem or introduce them to something new. Avoid clich├ęs and aim for a fresh and engaging concept. Remember, motorists will be viewing your billboard while on the move, so keep the text to a maximum of eight words accompanied by a single compelling image.

  1. Follow the “less is more” rule

Adhere to the principle of simplicity by limiting your billboard’s content. Avoid overcrowding the ad with excessive text or multiple visuals. By using minimal elements, you can convey your message more effectively, capturing the attention of passersby in a short span of time. Remember, clarity and simplicity are key to successful billboard advertising.

  1. Focus on the audience, not yourself

One common mistake is featuring your picture or making the billboard all about you or your business. Instead, center your message on the needs and desires of your target audience. By addressing their concerns and offering solutions, you establish a connection and increase the likelihood of capturing their interest. Remember, effective advertising revolves around satisfying customer needs.

  1. Make outdoor advertising a budget item and plan ahead

To fully capitalize on the potential of outdoor advertising, allocate a dedicated budget for billboards and plan your campaigns well in advance. Invest ample time in developing the concept and design, as once the billboard is up, it cannot be easily altered. Make sure you create a memorable and impactful advertisement that will resonate with your audience and generate desired results.

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