Building brand awareness and driving website traffic are common marketing challenges faced by small businesses. Especially when on a budget. PrescottWeddings.com, a local wedding services provider, encountered these obstacles but devised a clever strategy to overcome them. By “thinking small” and leveraging their monthly newspaper advertising, they managed to achieve impressive results while keeping costs down. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of their approach and explore why their small ad format proved to be highly effective.

The Power of Small Ads

Subheading: Purchasing One Inch by Two Column Inch Ads

PrescottWeddings.com opted for a unique advertising approach: purchasing one inch by two column inch ads in the newspaper. While these ads were small in size, they stood out due to their distinctive shape. This decision allowed the company to maximize their marketing budget while still capturing attention in the cluttered advertising landscape.

Short and Sweet Copy

To complement the small ad format, the copy used in the advertisements was kept short and simple. The ad featured only the business name and a catchy slogan: www.PrescottWeddings.com. Everything you need to say ‘I do.'” By employing concise messaging, PrescottWeddings.com ensured that their ad quickly conveyed the essence of their services without overwhelming the audience with excessive information.

The Success of Small Ads

Subheading: Immediate Impact and Growing Results

The effectiveness of PrescottWeddings.com’s small ad format became evident on the very first day of running the campaign. They received an impressive 350 hits on their website and several inquiries from interested business owners. As the campaign progressed, the number of website hits continued to grow steadily, indicating sustained success.

Standing Out with Unconventional Shape

Contrary to conventional wisdom, which often favors larger ad formats, the small ad format chosen by PrescottWeddings.com proved highly effective. The unusual shape of the ads, long and thin compared to traditional square ads, helped them catch the reader’s eye. Furthermore, the prominent display of the business name in large type ensured that it stood out from the surrounding content while still maintaining sufficient white space.

Simplifying the Message for Clarity

One of the crucial factors contributing to the success of the small ads was their simplicity. The message was clear and unambiguous: the website offered comprehensive wedding services in the Prescott area. This straightforward message appealed directly to the target market of businesses and individuals involved in weddings within the region. Even readers who only scanned the newspaper could quickly grasp the ad’s intent, making it an effortless and impactful advertisement.

Hitting the Target Market

Relevance and Frequency

PrescottWeddings.com’s small ad effectively reached its intended target market. People associated with the wedding industry and brides reported frequently noticing the advertisement. This targeting success was attributed to the ad’s relevance to the target audience, its prominent display in the newspaper, and the frequency with which it ran. By consistently appearing in the publication, the ad maintained its visibility and generated continuous interest among its intended viewers.

Subheading: Catchy Taglines for Different Business Names

While PrescottWeddings.com’s business name clearly reflected its offerings, other businesses may face the challenge of capturing their products or services in their name alone. In such cases, incorporating a catchy tagline into the small ads can effectively drive people to the website. Taglines act as attention-grabbing hooks that encourage readers to learn more about the business. Combining a concise message, a catchy tagline, and the business name and logo helps strengthen branding efforts.


PrescottWeddings.com’s experience highlights the power of “thinking small” when it comes to marketing. By leveraging one inch by two column inch ads in the newspaper, they not only kept their costs down but also achieved remarkable results in building brand awareness and driving website traffic.

The success of their small ad format can be attributed to several key factors. Firstly, the unique shape of the ads caught the reader’s attention amidst the sea of square advertisements, helping them stand out. Additionally, the simplicity of their message, featuring the business name and a catchy slogan, made an immediate impact and resonated with their target audience.

Furthermore, the consistent presence of these small ads in the newspaper allowed for repeated exposure, resulting in sustained interest and growing website visits. This highlights the importance of frequency in marketing campaigns, especially when aiming to capture the attention of a specific market segment.

While PrescottWeddings.com’s business name effectively conveyed their services, businesses with less descriptive names can still benefit from incorporating catchy taglines in their small ads. These taglines act as hooks that intrigue readers and drive them to explore further.

In conclusion, PrescottWeddings.com’s success demonstrates that small ads can pack a big punch in marketing. By thinking creatively, keeping the message simple yet impactful, and targeting the right audience, businesses can effectively overcome marketing challenges and achieve their goals. So, if you’re a small business facing similar challenges, consider the power of “thinking small” and the impact it can have on your brand’s growth and success.

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