The Importance of Creditability

I recently came across an ad taped to my mailbox, which got me contemplating the crucial role of credibility in today’s business economy. Typically, this space is reserved for flyers seeking lost pets or announcing community events. However, this time, I was surprised to find an impersonal solicitation for daycare services.

The ad simply stated, “Affordable, Quality, Licensed, Day Care. Call XXX-XXXX.” As someone without children, I couldn’t help but wonder if responsible parents would trust this nameless, faceless, credit-less organization with their most precious treasures. Realistically, it seemed unlikely.

This incident prompted me to reflect on the significance of credibility in the business world. I decided to explore further and turned to the yellow pages in search of a landscaping company. To my dismay, I found six pages of options competing for my attention, but none of them stood out. Not a single one claimed, “We are a credible company you have heard of.”

Building a reputable brand takes time, effort, and strategic planning. None of us possess the vast marketing resources of a global giant like Microsoft, nor do we have worldwide brand recognition. However, numerous “small businesses” (a term I dislike) have achieved remarkable local recognition. Take, for example, Blue Sky Landscaping, a trusted name among Western Washington residents.

Consider Dillanos Coffee, based right here in Sumner. And who hasn’t heard of Pink Coconut, headquartered in Puyallup? These businesses have successfully carved out their own niches and established credibility within their communities.

Word of Mouth

So, what steps can you take to make your company exclaim, “I am someone you can trust”? How do you attract and retain customers? Undoubtedly, word of mouth is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, but it cannot be bought. If it were that simple, we would all be millionaires, and the credibility of word of mouth would diminish. Therefore, we need to consider other strategies to reach new customers.

Leaving an anonymous flyer on a mailbox might work for some businesses, but when it comes to services like daycare or in-home services, it falls short.

Personal Connection

Potential customers require a personal connection and a sense of trust before entrusting their loved ones or their homes to an organization.

In my next article, I invite you to share your insights on how you bring credibility to your own company. What tactics have you employed to establish trust with your customers? I believe in the power of collective wisdom, and by contributing, you not only assist other business owners but also gain well-deserved publicity. Let’s come together to explore how credibility can shape the success of our businesses.

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