The content of advertising is crucial regardless of the media platform used. It can either be effective and successful or fall flat and be ineffective. In some cases, certain TV ads may be so cleverly crafted that people remember the creativity but forget the actual product being advertised. To help you create better ads across various media channels, here are seven valuable tips that can enhance your advertising efforts and ensure maximum impact.

It’s Not About YOU

Sell the Benefits: When creating ads, it’s essential to focus on the benefits of your product or service rather than solely emphasizing your business or personal achievements. Customers want to know, “What’s In It For Me?” So, rather than showcasing your face on a massive billboard, highlight the specific benefits customers will gain by choosing your store or doing business with you.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key to building a strong brand image. Select a theme or concept and stick with it across all your print, radio, and TV ads. Consistency allows your ads to reinforce your brand identity and build recognition among your target audience. Don’t change your concept just because you may be tired of it; remember that potential customers are exposed to your ads much less frequently than you are.

Sell Benefits, Not Features

While it’s important to highlight the features of your product or company, it’s crucial to lure customers in by promoting the benefits they’ll enjoy. For example, stating that you have a “brushless car wash” is a feature, but promising a “cleaner than new car in just two minutes” is a benefit that resonates with customers and entices them to visit your establishment.

Be Different

Take a moment to peruse your Sunday paper and observe how many ads look strikingly similar. In supermarkets, mustard typically comes in yellow packaging, and most ginger ale has a green label. However, in advertising, appearing the same as your competition is detrimental to your success. Differentiate yourself by standing out with unique visuals, messaging, and creative approaches.

Use a Great Headline

The headline is a crucial element of any ad. “Jim’s Locksmith Shop” at the top of an ad is not a powerful headline or a compelling opening for a radio spot. Instead, create impactful headlines that answer the question, “What’s In It For Me?” For instance, “We Can Pick ANY lock!” or “Locked out? We Can Get You Back IN” capture attention and convey the benefits customers can expect.

Make it Easy to Find You

Ads should act as directions rather than just providing an address. Pay close attention to ads you encounter this week and notice the difference between “809 Main” and “On Main Street Downtown across from the firehouse.” The latter description functions as a map and provides clear directions. If your advertising targets multiple communities, be sure to include your city or community name for better localization.

Avoid Phone Numbers

Unless you’re advertising in the Yellow Pages, where people actively search for telephone numbers, including phone numbers in ads is often ineffective. Most people don’t carry a notepad in their cars or keep one near the TV to jot down numbers. Remember how frustrating it was to scramble for a pencil when you wanted to call a number you saw on a TV news show? Focus on creating memorable ads that highlight your benefits and brand name, rather than relying on phone numbers.

To truly excel in advertising, it’s important to become an expert in the field. Be discerning when receiving advice from individuals selling advertising, as their expertise may be limited to specific media channels and may not necessarily benefit your overall advertising strategy. Instead, become an astute observer of other advertisers and incorporate the best elements you see into your own campaigns.

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