In the realm of mail order business, simplicity often paves the way for profitability. Imagine, the most lucrative mail order products are not elaborate inventions, but rather concise 3-to-5 page informational reports. These unassuming reports hold the power to transform your financial trajectory. In this article, we delve into the realm of mail order success, exploring how these compact reports can become your ticket to prosperity.

The Alluring Potential: Consider this: Producing a 3-page report can cost as little as $10 per hundred copies, yet it can be sold for a substantial $200 per hundred. This financial equation has captured the attention of aspiring mail order entrepreneurs.

Unveiling the Challenge: Many enter the mail order world with grand ideas, believing they have discovered the secret recipe for success. However, despite investing substantial time and money, these ventures often fall short of their anticipated success. This leaves entrepreneurs pondering what they might be missing or where they’ve gone wrong.

The Missing Link: Filling Information Gaps: Here’s the secret: Success in mail order isn’t solely about executing a flawless plan; it’s about addressing the unmet needs of those who’ve tried and failed or those on the cusp of venturing into mail order. This demographic is massive. Their craving for the “how to get rich” knowledge is insatiable, creating a constant demand for solutions.

The Strategy for Triumph: A Complete Inventory: Picture this: You compile an inventory of reports, each offering solutions to specific problems. With a repertoire of 100 reports priced at $2 each, selling 1,000 copies of each report annually for a decade, you would find yourself a millionaire. This simple strategy plays on the universal desire for wealth and success.

An Approach to Embrace: Crafting Informative Reports: While writing your own reports is ideal, not everyone possesses the gift of writing persuasively. However, there’s a sea of seekers eager for “get-rich” information. Start by getting on mailing lists and exploring existing reports. Seek the prime sources and inquire about dropship and reproduction rights prices.

Capitalizing on Prime Sources: A Path to Profit: Engaging with prime sources provides an opportunity to promote their reports and earn a share of the profits. This minimizes your initial investment while allowing you to tap into a ready market. You can even acquire reproduction rights at a discounted rate, leveraging established titles and their appeal.

Seizing the Printing Opportunity: Transforming Reports into Riches: Owning a printing press or partnering with a quick print shop opens doors to overnight success. If these options aren’t available, a partnership with a quick printer can be mutually beneficial. By providing your inventory to the printer and offering them a percentage of the profits, you can quickly scale your mail order business.

The Magic of Mailing Lists: Renting and Selling for Prosperity: Beyond reports, mailing lists hold immense potential. Start by maintaining an index card for every contact, filed by zip code. Send offers at the end of each month, including a list of available reports. Over time, compile a comprehensive database to streamline your operations.


In conclusion, the mail order landscape offers a realm of potential waiting to be harnessed. The power of concise informational reports and the allure of the “get-rich” dream can fuel your journey to prosperity. Whether through crafting your reports or collaborating with prime sources, the path to wealth in mail order is well within reach. Explore this realm, seize the opportunities, and embark on your journey to financial triumph.

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