3 Educations to Become Wealthy

There are not a lot of opportunities to become financially free by doing well in School. Many of the educations are expensive to fund and don’t give you a good chance of becoming financially free. However there are three educations that can give you at least a great opportunity of becoming financially free.

Lawyer, Doctor and Salesman!



Many ask lawyers why they get paid so much? There are several reasons behind lawyers making so much money. One of them is that they are very knowledgeable about the law and have specialised skills that are required by the market. Legality is such a complex thing and it is at the same time very practical. An average person is unable to handle the complexity of the law without at least having attended law school.

At the same time the market requires more lawyers, because legal services are in such high demand. Businesses and corporations require legal counsel or somebody to represent their interests regularly. Individuals are also in need of these services and due to these factors lawyers can charge more money for their services.

Furthermore there are lawyers who take on many risks while defending their clients and representing them. Lawyers must make sure that the people or companies that they represent don’t break the law or engage in illegal activities.

Another reason is the time and effort a lawyer puts into his or her craft. The long hours lawyers spend working are much longer than the average worker. One occasion lawyers work 60 hours or more a week. This time is needed to prepare for depositions, court proceedings, evidence gathering, practising their arguments, having meetings with clients and so on.

Law firms with a good reputation tend to have higher salaries. They can also earn more by working as in-house lawyers. Finally others can earn more by starting their own law firm or becoming partners in the law firm.

If you are looking to become financially free, becoming a lawyer is a great choice. Even if the educational process is very hard and you have to really grind when first starting out as a lawyer it is definitely worth it if you work hard. What you should be looking to do is either working at a prestigious law firm for long enough that you get the opportunity to become a partner or start your own law firm. Partners at prestigious law firms make a lot of money from getting a share of the law firm’s profits. You can also start your own legal firm and make one of the best in the business. There is a lot of money to be made as a lawyer.


Another career that is worth pursuing through education is doctor. A physician in the United States makes on average 350000 to 4500000 dollars annually according to the Washington Post. Andrew Van Dam who wrote that article that if the doctor specialises in certain fields they make more. Neurosurgeons make about 920,000 dollars per year and orthopaedic surgeons make 709,000 dollars per year.

Therefore you should become a doctor within those fields to become financially free. Eventually you can start your own medical practice if you want to. Health care services are always in high demand no matter what economy people always need health care.

I understand if you want to become a doctor to help people and feel that it is wrong to only go into this industry to make money. However look at it like this you get to do good in life and at the same time set yourself and your family up for life if you play your cards right. Health care in the US is so expensive, because of the insurance companies and the medical companies like Moderna and Pfizer. That isn’t going to change for a very long time so why not use it as an opportunity.

In today’s society being financially free is the best way to retain your liberty. What happened during one pandemic? People struggled to make ends meet, because they are living paycheck to paycheck. Med School is both difficult and expensive. So why not reap the rewards that come with a medical career?

When you decide to become a doctor you should study to become either a Neurosurgeon or an Orthopaedic surgeon. Then after a couple of years gaming experience and making money from that career you should start your own medical practice. This is the best way to become financially free as a doctor.


Sales are always important in whatever economy. It doesn’t matter if we are in a recession or an economic boom, sales people don’t lose their jobs. At the same time there’s no ceiling for how high your salary is going to be. When you are good at selling you instantly become more valuable to the economy and your employer. Pay Rises will be common if you work hard and dedicate yourself to sales.

Salesmen are not entrepreneurs or CEO:S, but they are just as important for the company to succeed. Companies are dependent on sales to be successful and therefore they need salesmen. They just don’t have a base salary, they have commissions as well. Many companies pay you a certain amount of money for each sale you make.

However, top salesmen really need to work hard and do more than anyone else. Stress is common and time after time top salesmen need to take on more work. Salesmen can’t come into work and be average. No, you need to perform every single day, because the obstacles they need to overcome are constantly becoming higher.

Furthermore Salesmen have certain incentives that make them more money. Commissions are just one part of the incentives. These incentives are cash bonuses for both individual accomplishments, but also for team accomplishments.

Sales is a career worth pursuing through education, because there’s no ceiling for the amount of money you can make if you are willing to put the effort in. All the time spent in school will be worth it.

Final Words

The world doesn’t work the way you have been told. You can’t just perform really well in school and get a top tier job that makes you financially free. Most careers that you can pursue after getting a degree don’t give you the opportunity to become financially free. So if you decide to go the traditional way by studying in school you should study to become a lawyer, doctor or a salesman.

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